Welcome to the Bread making Festival in Ukraine!!!

For adults, obedient and finicky children, grandparents and anyone who is not afraid of the word "tent"

The path from seed to loaf and all the adventures that are related!

International participants self-sow, reap, grind and bake bread the old-timers led illustrious island Obyrok.

Dates: 2-6 August. Harvesting.

Where? Art Island Obyrok, Chernigov region, Baturin's Comunity. GPS-coordinates: "51.386607, 32.861410"

Where to sleep? You can spend the night in one of the hostels or in your own tent.

What to eat? You can cook by yourself, taking pots and prepare food un the fire, or order homemade food in Obyrok's dining room.

How to REGISTER for the festival "Bread"? Please registrate on this page and get further instructions by mail.

How to GET there? View Larger Map Own or public transport - http://obyrok.livejournal.com/profile Check out on the map: 51.386607, 32.861410 3 hours by car from Kyiv.

ATENSION! During the festival, please don't use alcohol, tobacco and drugs.

Dress-cod: etno

What to bring: We are against plastic utensils. So take your own mug, spoon and bowl. And karemat, sleeping bag, flashlight and favorite musical instrument.

Donations: • Until 20 of May = UAH 200 / person. • Until 1 of June = UAH 300 / person. • Until 1 of July = UAH 400 / person. • Until 1 of August = UAH 500 / person. • In Obyrok = UAH 550 / person. Children under 14 years free. Subscription is not refundable.

Be a volunteer! Able to work when others rest? Ready to come early and stay after the festival? Want to become acquainted with the team of organizers? Be a volunteer! Volunteers receive 50% discaunt for food and free accommodation. Donation to support the festival - if you want.


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August / Reaping

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For more details please contact the organizers team: [email protected] +380 67 230 62 07